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Getting it Right

THRIVE Farmers® was featured in “Getting it Right, a series on entrepreneurship and best practices sponsored by Capital One. This feature includes a video that shares Thrive Farmers’ journey as a business and CEO and Co-Founder Michael Jones’ journey to success.

Thrive Farmers Named No. 19 On 35th Annual Inc. 500 Fastest-growing Companies List

The Atlanta Business Chronicle notes Thrive’s successful ranking on Inc. Magazine’s annual Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies List, coming in at No. 19. The Inc. 500 list is representative of the best of the Inc. 5000 list. The article also informs readers on Thrive’s background and sustainable business model, benefitting farmers and valuing relationships.

Equity for Coffee Farmers

Fortune explains Thrive’s success as a business, and shines light on the fact that half of the revenue goes back to the coffee farmers at the bottom of the supply chain. It also gives reader the breakdown of what Fair Trade means and how it differentiates from farmer-direct coffee

Profit-sharing in the coffee industry

CNN offers viewers a four-minute informational video which explores Thrive’s story, and the “why” behind Thrive’s groundbreaking coffee business model: helping farmers.

Chick-fil-A Finally Enters the Fast-Food Coffee Battle

Take a step back in time and read about when Chick-fil-A first partnered with Thrive, and questioned whether specialty coffee would do well in a “chicken chain” (spoiler alert—it did very well). The Thrive business model is explained to readers, as is Chick-fil-A’s hopes of becoming a real competitor amongst other fast food chains known for coffee.

Chick-fil-A Finally Gets Serious About Coffee

Bloomberg Businessweek begs the question everyone else was already thinking when Chick-fil-A first partnered with Thrive: Will the chicken sandwich and waffle fry following transfer over to the new specialty coffee?

Why This Man Gave Up His $40M Company To ‘Fix’ Coffee

Forbes gets real with Michael Jones and asks the tough questions about walking away from an incredibly successful business in search of something offering more meaning. Jones explains why chasing the “shiny stuff” was unfulfilling and he knew there was more out there—enter Thrive.