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Tea Type

Black Tea (4)
Green Tea (4)
Herbal Tea (3)
Matcha Tea (1)
Oolong Tea (1)

Package Options

Loose Leaf (60 grams) (11)
Loose Powder (45 grams) (1)
Pyramid Bag (15 sachets) (5)


$9.00 - $17.00 (7)
$17.01 - $24.00 (5)
$24.01 - $30.00 (1)
Earl Grey $10.50 Strong yet balanced, with a classic citrus, floral taste
Darjeeling $19.00 Sweet malt with nice roasted notes
English Breakfast $9.50 Sweet with a strong aftertaste.
Masala Chai $11.00 Sweet and Spicy, this masala chai is for everyone!
Chinese Lu Bao Green $18.50 Buttery, balanced and full-bodied
Japanese Sencha $19.50 Clean, crisp green tea from Japan
Jasmine Green $19.00 Intense Jasmine aroma but with a subtle, balanced taste
Lemongrass Green Tea $11.00 Herbal and lemony at the same time
Oolong Tea $22.00 Tropical fruit and toasted sesame in a cup
Chamomile $11.00 Soft and sweet, these flowers deliver a dreamy taste
Peppermint $12.50 Refreshing and crisp but not harsh
Hibiscus Berries $13.50 Sweet and juicy flavor with an underlying taste of tart cranberry
Matcha $30.00 This traditional drink delivers an earthy and light taste with a velvet-y mouthfeel.