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Over the last few years, Matcha has become popular in the US, but this antioxidant-rich green tea is nothing new. A longtime tradition in Japan, matcha is often at the center of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This ground green is shade grown and of the highest "Ceremonial Grade". It can be enjoyed traditionally by whisking it with hot water or try it with steamed milk for a modern twist.

  • Type of Tea(s): Matcha Tea
  • Elevation: 100-250m
  • Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
  • Cultivar: Blend
  • Ingredients: Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Steeping: 1 teaspoon of matcha (or to taste) in a cup, adding a few drops of hot water (160-180F) and stirring with a spoon until a paste forms. Add the rest of the water and stir.

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