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THRIVE has loved growing with EÔTÉ coffee from the beginning. The start-up, specialty coffee roaster based in Chandler, OK was birthed out of Todd’s passion for not only freshly roasted specialty coffee, but positive social change to benefit farmers and children in need. For Todd, coffee is a landmark for major life decisions. Each has solidified over a cup of coffee.

EÔTÉ is an acronym for Ends of the Earth, and they are willing to go there to bring life to their passion.eote 1

Tell us about how you got started in the coffee world.

I actually started roasting five years ago as a hobby on a Nesco home roaster.

How did EÔTÉ get its start?

I was on a trip to Albania with a friend who was starting a home for girls to combat child trafficking. My friend mentioned that he roasted his own coffee. He was about to take my coffee drinking game to a whole new level. I went home and ordered the same roaster that he had gotten from Sweet Maria’s.

Word got out to my friends and family that I was roasting coffee. They were amazed at the difference in fresh roasted coffee. Friends began to ask me to sell them coffee for gifts and holidays. It would take me an hour to roast a pound of coffee. A year and a half later, I had burned up the bearings on that quarter pound home roaster.

Every major life decision that I have made has happened over a cup of coffee.  Decisions like: Am I going to marry this girl? Are we going to start Willow Springs Boys ranch and Jacob’s Ladder Camps? Are we going to move to Chandler, OK?

My wife, Jeannie, finally asked me one day, “ When are you going to stop talking about starting this coffee roasting business and do something?”

Two years ago, upon returning home from a mission trip to Uganda and Kenya, I came up with the name EÔTÉ COFFEE COMPANY.  As soon as I got home, I purchased a 3 Kilo US Roaster in Oklahoma City.

In October, I placed my order with U.S. Roaster for a 12 kilo roaster. EÔTÉ is still in the start-up phase, however we are proud to be in a few restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and some corporate offices in our second year as a small-batch specialty coffee roaster.

Share with us the biggest challenge your business faces?

Some would say that capital is the biggest challenge for any new start up, and to an extent they are right. But for me, I think it is knowing our identity and what our purpose is as a company. The financial success of EÔTÉ is not just self serving but to have social impact on the farmers who grow the coffee, as well as a lifelong impact on the children in programs that we are passionate about.

How does connecting the farmer with your customers impact your business?

EÔTÉ wants to put a name and a face on the cup of coffee that our customer drinks. EÔTÉ also wants to put a story of life changing impact on that same cup of coffee. Our tagline is CHANGE IS BREWING. That is something that our customers can feel good about as they enjoy our freshly roasted specialty coffee.

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Tell us what sets EÔTÉ apart from other cafes and roasters? What inspires you?

EÔTÉ COFFEE is a for-profit company with strong belief in sustainability that will allow us to continue to make a difference in children’s programs that we believe in.

Our family has a passion for helping children both here in the US at Willow Springs Boys Ranch, as well as, programs that we have a personal connection to in Albania, Uganda, and Nicaragua.

EÔTÉ is passionate about specialty coffee.  We are equally as passionate about social impact and making a difference in the lives of coffee farmers and children in crisis. The combination is powerful!

EÔTÉ has plans for a roastery and coffee shop on Willow Springs Boys Ranch in Chandler, OK just off historic Route 66.  EÔTÉ wants our customers see first hand, the direct impact that they are having with their cup of coffee, here locally and globally. We also hope to inspire others over a cup of coffee to live out their dreams.  EÔTÉ challenges people to ask the question, “What am I good at that can impact others? Where is my passion leading me?”

Thanks to Todd for taking the time to share EÔTÉ’s story with us and letting us in on how change is brewing in Chandler, OK. We are looking forward to the opening of the roaster and shop.