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Host Adam Murphy speaks with Bart Newman and Amanda Lindley on Public Affairs on Peach. Watch the episode’s segments at the links below:

Episode 237, Segment 1
Adam Murphy speaks with Bart about THRIVE Farmers Coffee’s farmer-direct platform, its impact, and company origins. Bart explains a bit about coffee cherry picking and some of THRIVE Farmers’ roasted offerings.

Episode 237, Segment 2
In this segment, Bart presents the roasted products and explains the difference between the Bloom and Heritage lines. Together they discuss the different flavor profiles and more about the farmers. Bart explains why THRIVE Farmers is headquartered in Georgia and the various events that are currently happening.

Episode 237, Segment 3
Amanda joins Adam and Bart and explains her role as Director of Coffee Excellence at THRIVE Farmers. Amanda demonstrates how to brew a pot of coffee using a Chemex, while giving tips on how to best brew one’s coffee at home. The group discusses the unique sweetness of San Isidro, available as part of the Bloom Collection.

Episode 237, Segment 4
Adam wraps up the episode by tasting the brewed coffee and casting his vote for his favorite coffee tasted.