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Conversations at Origin

by Amanda Eastwood, Origin Specialist Over the course of the first few weeks of summer, a small group of the THRIVE origin team, including myself, had the opportunity to spend intentional time with several coffee farmers across three different countries. Some of these farmers have worked in collaboration with THRIVE Farmers since the beginning, while others are... read more

The Oxcart – a symbol of pride

Originally pulled by men, not oxen, oxcarts (known as carretas) were a tool used early in the coffee trade of Costa Rica. It wasn’t until the loads grew too heavy for human strength that the oxen were used to move coffee. Combining the Aztec disc and the spoked Spanish wheel, high- quality wood and a... read more

Hands – a primary tool on a coffee farm

They lend us a tangible way of sensing, grasping, even manipulating the world around us. With them, we express ourselves, we turn the depths of our imaginations into a visible, physical reality — we lift, we chop, we eat and feed, we clear the way. With these strong, yet agile, extremities, we seal an embrace.... read more

Introducing The Heritage Coffee Collection by THRIVE Farmers

We are excited to introduce our new Heritage Coffee Collection. Enjoy the same farmer-direct, specialty-grade coffee you've grown to love, with a brand-new look. Our farmer-direct coffee empowers the communities behind coffee and you know who grows the coffee in your cup. Better still, our innovative revenue-sharing platform creates stable pricing for our farmers who earn... read more

Movember 2014: Know Who Grows

It’s been said that black coffee puts hair on your chest. Well, we're putting hair on our faces to stand with the men who grow coffee. Farmers in Latin America have been rocking moustaches for centuries. It has always been a sign of masculinity and honor—so we’ll wear our moustaches proudly. Recently, we learned some... read more

How ‘Tiempo de Silencio’ Impacts Future Coffee Quality

by Amanda Eastwood, Origin Specialist Welcome back readers! I greet you with good news of desperately needed, life-giving rain and lush, new growth blanketing the mountains surrounding Matagalpa, Nicaragua. If you missed my last harvest update, you can catch up by reading my last blog here. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with... read more

THRIVE Farmers Coffee at Catalyst 2014

Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by leaders who are set on changing the thoughts and actions of their communities? THRIVE Farmers had the opportunity to serve our farmer-direct, specialty-grade coffee at Catalyst 2014 in Atlanta -- a conference known for creating change makers.  There were 10,000 in attendance representing all... read more