La Fuerza

$11.00 per 12oz Bag

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$11.00 per 12oz Bag

  • Price: $11.00

  • $11.00


Offers a rich and earthy roast-forward cup. Enjoy a heavy body with impressions of bakers chocolate and fragrant spices.
  • Roast ProfileDark
  • OriginCentral America
  • ElevationAbove 1,100 m
  • ProcessWashed


La Fuerza means strength in Spanish, which fits this blend perfectly. Dark roasted will a full-body, this coffee will give you the bold experience you seek in a cup.

Don Enrique from Matagalpa, Nicaragua, is one of the farmers that makes up this Central American Blend. Your purchase ensures stable and predictable wages for Don Enrique and other THRIVE Farmers' producers

"What is important to us in our coffee business is the social impact that we can cause in the population in the surrounding community, at the farm, and among those that work alongside us at the farm.” - Don Enrique


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