La Esperanza

$11.00 per 12oz Bag

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$11.00 per 12oz Bag

  • Price: $11.00

  • $11.00


A perfect breakfast blend with a light and milky body, hints of citrus and marmalade.
  • Roast ProfileMedium
  • OriginCentral America
  • RegionCentral America
  • ElevationAbove 1,100 m
  • ProcessWashed


Featuring Enrique Ferrufino from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Enrique is a quintessential example of "la esperanza" for the younger coffee generation. La Esperanza means "hope" in spanish. Enrique is a young coffee farmer that represents leading the way for future generations of coffee farmers in his community. 

"Its kind of exciting to be able to do and try different things and actually make a change. My mother says you should be proud always of being a coffee farmer because you why not create jobs for hundreds of people. So it’s true, you know...everyone should be proud to be a coffee farmer." - Enrique Ferrufino

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